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Hitek Asia UK Ltd, is founded by Lynn Ma who has over 20 years’ experience of sourcing electrical and electronic components. Our key objective is to bring you a wide range of high quality products from Asia where we have strong connection with reliable suppliers. Delivering quality with value, we provide a competitive pricing by leveraging our global buying power combined with Asian manufacturing from carefully selected suppliers.
 " We are proud of our commitment to our customers, and work closely with you to ensure that we meet your needs first time, every time."

 Our unique sourcing services give you access to:
> High Quality/Reliable Asian manufacturers - For All Electronic & Electrical Components
> Customised Procurement Services to meet your specific requirements 

Our Product Sourcing Expertise covers all key areas of Electrical and Electronic Components and Industrial Power Supply Products as follows. 
You can find wide range of connectors products in stock with ...
 FREE - Next Day UK Delivery on order over £50 for orders placed before 2PM. 
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​​​​​​​Business doesn’t stop; contracts must be fulfilled; production must continue. Sound familiar? We understand that you need fast access to products; that’s why our Midlands distribution hub is ideally situated on the major road network to give you a flexible range of delivery options. Orders are delivered Next Day as standard to all UK locations, with free delivery on all orders placed before 3pm and compeitive internaitonal shipping with express service & delivery within 5 days.